Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dress Like a Cow?

No kidding, this is the marquee just two blocks from my house. I know Chick-fil-A has a great sense of humor, but "dress like a cow?" How do you do that? I mean, some days I feel like a cow and some days I don't!

Maybe I need to go up there on Friday and hang around to see the show.

Handywoman Projects

Okay, this might not seem like much, but it's been sitting around for years, never installed! It's the famous "curved shower curtain rod" that gives you a whole lot more room in the tiny shower/tub. I had to assemble it, measure, make holes for the sinkers, put in anchors, attach the brackets and hang the rod and curtain. And it's actually straight AND it does give you whole lot more room! Get yours now at SkyMall.

Project #2: I needed a shower caddy that did not hang over the spigot, so I found this one at Target. It should have been an easy and quick installation, right? But, no! I ended up having to buy a hacksaw and cut off a section that wouldn't come off in order to make it fit in this space. The rest went perfectly. Piece of cake. Or soap.

I have a friend here in Atlanta who can do really amazing things. She recently tore out her entire guest bathroom and put in new toilet, sink, fixtures, vanity, floor, and light . . . all in one weekend! I want to be like that someday.

My Day Starts Here

This is the pool at my condo complex in Atlanta. Every morning I have it to myself as I swim laps for exercise. I was forced to give up jogging after twenty-seven years due to the impact on my joints, so swimming was suggested by a doctor and a physical therapist. A brand-new suit and pair of goggles, and I was back in business! It's aerobic, strength-building, and relaxing. Oh, and I can do it anytime I want! Did I mention that was retired?