Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daughters of Bluegrass

Although I am not a big fan of country music, I do really love bluegrass. I guess I see it more as folk music than country music, and who can resist the foot-tapping, hand-clapping music that comes with banjos, mandolins, violins (fiddles), bass fiddles, guitars, and some other instruments whose names I do not know? And then there are the soulful, harmonizing voices, the painfully sad or honty-tonk happy lyrics. It just makes you want to dance, even if you don't dance. Who can resist it? What's not to like? I love the way they all know know the same songs, they gather and jam on the square in Daholonega, and men and women of all ages just sit down and make happy music!

So, I was excited when my friend Louisa asked me if I'd like to see the Daughters of Bluegrass perform here in Atlanta. Louisa Branscomb was herself on the Daughters of Bluegrass CD that got Recorded Event of the Year and is a very talented and successful songwriter in this genre and country. So, we not only got to see and hear these ladies perform at the Southeastern Bluegrass Association's 25th Anniversary Concert, but Louisa was invited to perform two songs with them, one of which she had written, "Fool's Gold." This year's Daughters of Bluegrass included Jeanette Williams, Gena Britt, Tina Adair, Mindy Rakestraw, Lorraine Jordan, Jenny Obert, Dale Ann Bradley, and Frances Mooney. I got to meet all of them, thanks to Louisa, get lots of photos, and also get some CDs. And what nice women they all are!

Dale Ann Bradley is a performer for whom Louisa writes a lot of songs (about 4-5 on her new CD), including one that is in the top five on the charts, "Don't Turn Your Back." Dale Ann is the 2007, 2008 & 2009 IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year. What a voice she has! But she also a great guitarist. I was so pleased to meet her and have my photo taken with her and Louisa after their show. I think I'm going to be seeking out a lot more bluegrass!


  1. You can't beat good ole southern folk ladies and their music! Sounds as if you are enjoying Hot 'Lanta. Good for you!


  2. Hey, I love bluegrass as well!
    Mary Catherine

  3. OH, what fun! I used to take Larry's parents up to a town in Arkansas called Mountain View, where Bluegrass was played all over town on Fri. night through Sun. afternoon. We would sit & listen to one band for a while and then move on to another. Great stuff!

    What fun you are having in retirement!!! You look great too---very rested.


  4. Lucky you......double lucky you!!