Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Native Americans Are Still Indians in Georgia

The reason I know that is because my daughter Shana and I went to the Stone Mountain Indian Festival on Sunday at Stone Mountain Park outside of Atlanta. And, sure enough, there were lots Indians, Native Americans, and wannabes there. It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day, and the festival was set up all around the Southern "plantation," which made an interesting contrast.

It was fun to wander through the vendors and the exhibits, listen to music, and see part of the huge dance competition that was being held that day. We got to see Native American/Indian pottery being fired, medicines and remedies, weapons, foods, hide-tanning, basket-weaving, birds of prey, and more, as well as hear drumming, chanting, and music of many types. I had the opportunity, but did not buy, the "weapons" of my childhood: handmade slingshots, pea shooters, and tomahawks. Kids got to shoot arrows with bows. Blow-gun shooting was demonstrated (see above.) With the bamboo I have growing outside my condo, I could make my own! We went in some of the teepees that were set up. The most unusual items were a "scalping knife"(bottom of page) and a one-of-a-kind arrow holder made from a bobcat that had been in this guy's chickenhouse (below).

When the dancing started, we got great seats to hear and see the Call to Dances, the Veterans Dance, the Flag Dance, and a tribal dance. Maybe it was a throwback to the cowboy and Indian movies of my childhood, but a shiver went through me when I saw all of those Native Americans/Indians with their feathers and all dancing at one time. To me, they were a little scary.

It was a festival well-worth the ten bucks each, though. Anyone interested in this part of our American heritage would enjoy it.


  1. I'm really enjoying your language paintings! i read "bobcat holder" and then my eyes hit "hold things lightly" for a second... big smiles! (Jim)

  2. not at Georgia Tech! hahahaha (Cristina)

  3. Thanks.
    Loved reading about your adventure!

  4. Were they Cherokee or are all those poor people gone to Oklahoma? (Daniel)

  5. Oh, Wow! Another cool thing to do. Love the pics & the blog!!! Every year when I was growing up, we would go to the summer Indian festival of the Choctaws who lived on the reservation in the next county. I really loved it and had a pair of moccasins that I wore for years as house slippers. They were great and comfortable, but not made for outside because the soles were a thin rubber.

    You are having such a great time. Too much fun! (Sandra)

  6. I do enjoy reading your blog. There is so much going on there, in and around Atlanta--and you get out there and check it out. That's great! (Stacy)