Sunday, March 14, 2010

Facebook Parents

There's a new fanpage on Facebook: I was gonna post a status, Then I remembered I have family on faceboook.

This is pretty amusing, because there are so many kids and parents on Facebook these days, and their interactions then become public! I saw two very funny ones last week between mothers and their kids at college.


College age son posts a photo of himself sitting in the snow in shorts and writes, "What to do with the whole campus to myself" or something similar.

Mom's response: "Okay, so why are you wearing shorts in the snow?"


College age daughter: " (Daughter) feels like death..waiting for cold medicine to work its magic!"

Mom's response: "Go to the doctor."

I can laugh at these things because my own kids are older now, but if they were still in college and I was on Facebook, I would most likely be like these parents! I can get away with an occasional comment or "LIKE" now, but they are 25 and 30 and not so bothered by it.

I've also seen some funny sibling exchanges like this one:

College age boy: "(Curse word) something . . . "

High school sister: "I'm going to tell dad!"

College age boy: "What's he gonna do? I'm here and he's there!"

Facebook is the ultimate reality show. You can peep in hundreds of people's lives including family members. No wonder it's so popular. I heard that Facebook has enough members to be the world's fourth largest country!


  1. That is a very awkward situation. I wouldn't like my parents nosing around on my posts. Facebook is a very personal site to me and I'm glad my parents only send messages via inbox :)

  2. Middle School Daughter: got in some big nasty trouble earlier
    Mom: Hmmmm ... tell me more ... but apparently not big and nasty enough to ground you from the computer

    Middle School son becomes friends with someone.
    Mom: How can you be on facebook when you are suppose to be cleaning?

  3. Right on... FB is bringing us so many new opportunities to communicate and lots of challenges as we learn to use it. For now, I think it's good to experiment to see what works for each of us. Enjoying your perspective, Jim

  4. My son always says "if you wouldn't want your mother to read it then don't post it on facebook!" Then again, that was my son sitting in the snow in shorts.