Friday, September 4, 2009

Flu shots on sale

It is amusing to me to see advertisements for flu shots. The first one I saw was alongside the road, just like the yard sales and handyman for rent signs in the yards. "Flu shots $25," it read. For some reason, that struck me as funny. Then I saw the marquee at Walgreen's "$24.99 Flu Shots Here." I wonder if you have to pay tax on that?

Swine flu is taking down the college kids in droves. Emory has them quarantined in a dorm that they had planned to tear down. Georgia Tech has lots of cases. It's always on the news. And some other college had to cancel their football game this weekend because too many players were down with it!

I will take my chances. I don't think I can get the shot, because I have some allergy to raw eggs which are somehow related to the shots. Or they used to be. And my Uncle Pete got a flu shot one morning and dropped dead in the afternoon, right after lunch, in his garden. You think that was a coincidence? I don't. I'm not getting any shots for the flu, sale or not.

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