Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My New Athletic Club

Just last week I was bemoaning the cost of the YMCA for winter swimming. I started to think, if I have to pay that much, why not get something closer and nicer, if affordable? I contacted a facility I had driven by a thousand times, just minutes from my house, and they emailed me immediately with an invitation to come in and talk to them, see the facility, etc.

The Athletic Club Northeast is the place. I was met and toured around by a very nice young man and couldn't help but be impressed with the place--immaculately clean, well-equipped, well-staffed, and loaded with classes, groups, instructors, and amenities that I can choose from if I so desire. Most importantly for me, I can swim laps whenever I want!

For just a few dollars more than the Y, I got enrollment and a monthly fee that was discounted for me based on my teaching career and association with the military. I pay automatically by the month and can cancel at any time. He even gave me some guest passes and a complimentary free massage as well as a free swimming "lesson" to assess my style. Wow! I also got five sessions with a trainer for overall fitness. If this is anywhere as good as I think it will be, I'm going to be one happy camper!


  1. Made my first official visit there today to swim, and it was nice, real nice! Then my personal trainer called me to set up a time to meet next week. I could get used to this.

  2. Very nice! Awesome rock climbing wall! (Alison)