Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Y is that expensive?

Okay, I have to "get into" this blog and get over the fact that my life is pretty mundane right now. I'm going to try and treat it like I treated Sicily when I was new there. And in some ways, it's a good comparison. I want to get this going and write regularly, whether it's "worthy" or not. Worthy of what? Living for the moment and observation are more important.

The weather has already, unbelievably, turned cool, and my thoughts are turning to "Where in the heck am I going to swim when it's cold?" Swimming is really good; it has done wonders for my bursitis and sciatica. So, I thought (like an American) . . . the YMCA! So, in Googling it, I found at least three fairly close locations. Every one has a pool and lap swimming--perfect. So, I looked at the membership price structure and was shocked. I guess I thought the Y was cheap, something like the old Dickinson House in Oglesby, IL when I was growing up. But no . . . it would $115 to join and $50/ month membership. For a retiree on a fixed income, that seems a bit high! I don't know if I'd qualify for the free "family member of a military member" classification, but it's worth a try. At least I can try out the local Y for seven days for free and see if I like it. Stay tuned.

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