Tuesday, September 22, 2009

High and Dry

There has been record-breaking rainfall here in Atlanta over the past eight days. In case you were wondering how MUCH rain we got, here are some of the community totals. The one I live closest to is Chamblee, just a few miles away. All the rest are in and around Atlanta. And it's not over yet! (See residential area above and Six Flags over Georgia below)

The National Weather Service has released some rainfall totals measured at selected measuring sites for the 8-day period ending at 8 a.m. Tuesday:

Canton -- 17.14 inches
Doraville -- 13.88 inches
Chamblee -- 13.19 inches
Lafayette -- 12.73 inches
Sautee -- 11.47 inches
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport -- 11.23 inches
Dallas -- 11.09 inches
Gainesville -- 10.27 inches
Cartersville -- 7.59
Macon -- 9.46 inches
Athens -- 8.72 inches

A friend of mine sent me this on Monday morning: "I was flooded out of my home this morning at 4 am. I had literally 5 minutes from the time the water got to the corner of my house until it was gushing up thru the floor vents. I tried to make it to my truck, but it was flooded too, the door wouldn't even open. It was totally submerged so fast, and I was up to my chest. If my (dog) hadn't been on her leash, she would have been swept away. We went back into the house and into the attic. A few minutes later my wonderful neighbor Barry showed up. The fire dept. even came and asked if I needed to leave. Barry sat in the attic with me until the water receded . . . " Computer, phone, cellphone, everything was ruined, including the vehicle. Later she found out that the rain had swept a doghouse and other large debris into the culvert, which then backed up the creek and caused the flood.

I happen to live in a high and dry area (plus I'm upstairs), so I have luckily not had any problems or damage. The schools are all closed today. (See Clarkdale Elementary above) The mothers were all at the club/gym, complaining about their kids being home. Of course, it's beautiful out and the sun is shining! Many places are still underwater, though, and many people are without homes.


  1. Thanks for the photos Maryellen, it made my flooded basement/family room and garage in Napoli seem so small! I have refound my motivation to set the house up all over again! Just need to buy rugs...too much muffa! Miss you, Leez.

  2. The amount of rain is unbelievable. Several German TV networks are even covering the story. (Steve)

  3. Wow! I was in Nashville last week for meetings and it rained every day! So sad for so many folks in the Atlanta area and my heart goes out....what a mess. The rain is awful but it is the aftermath that is really difficult. Very glad to hear that you are OK and that you are "dry"! (MaryBeth)

  4. My goodness! I can hardly believe that the Atlanta area would have this much flooding. No one could also predict that much rain. Oxford is getting a lot of heavy rain too, but luckily, it sits high enough that there won't be any flooding. However, where my brother is, there will be flooding. I think his house is okay though. WHen that much rain comes,there is nowhere for it to go.

    I'm surprised that the mothers were complaining that schools were closed. They should be thankful that they were not flooded out like the people whose homes are in these pictures.

    I wonder what is bringing all of this rain. I guess this is what happens when we don't have hurricanes. Too weird! Only a couple of years ago, the water source for Atlanta had all but dried up, and water rationing was in effect for some areas. There were pics of a lake where the water level was 20 ft. below normal. (Sandra)

  5. ME, Glad you survived without any damage. I didn't even know about the flooding. (Kelly)

  6. do floods follow you? )Sicily......Atlanta..... (Joan)